Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is committed to supporting both local efforts and broader campaigns whose goal is the eradication of cancer. Through the collective efforts of the company’s hotels worldwide, Four Seasons annually raises significant funds and awareness for cancer research. The mission of Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas is to raise money for treatment and awareness of the disease among local citizens in Irving so that the most advanced care is available in the community.

Our past funds have supported:

• Tissue Processor - a high-tech device that processes every specimen type processed in a laboratory where cancers are evaluated, giving it the ability to process more than three tissues samples at a time

• Imaging QA Phantom Kit - digitally targets tumors in the body and delivers precise radiation therapy to the location of the tumor.

• DoseLab Pro – QA Equipment - radiation equipment that ensures precise dosing for all patients, and improves the quality assurance

• Midas Stainer - a high-tech “rifle scope” that stains bone marrow in biopsies to increase the diagnosis accuracy in patients with certain types of tumors

•  Image Guided Radiation Therapy which targets cancerous tumors and delivers
radiation therapy so precisely that patients see results sooner than with previous radiotherapy approaches

•  A full field digital mammography machine used in the earliest detection of breast cancer at the Women’s Imaging Center on the main campus

•  Linear accelerator used in radiation therapy

•  A genetic cancer counselor and a RN cancer patient coordinator for patients at the Irving Cancer Center.

•  Stereotactic Breast Imaging machine used in the early detection and precise identification of breast tumors

•  BAT System - a stereotactic localization ultrasound system used to pinpoint exact locations for radiation treatment while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue

•  Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator, Leica Microscope and Cranial Vectorvision that combined provides lifesaving minutes in the surgical removal of malignant brain tumors

•  A Prima Ultrasound Unit that provides better ultrasound images for the treatment of prostate cancer benefiting more than 100 patients annually

•  CAD Unit – used in the early detection of breast tumors

•  A Mammosite – equipment used to reduce the radiation treatment of breast tumors from six weeks to six days

•  An MRI coil used in the early detection of breast cancer and compatible software equipment used to diagnose and plan treatment

•  Full Field Digital Mammography – Baylor Medical Center-Irving/Coppell Campus

•  3D Digital Mammography – the next proven advancement in diagnostic treatment of breast cancer



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